Thursday, 19 May 2011

My cat

Hello!!! My name Valentin Samokhin. I have Cat. My Cat’s name is Dasha. She is 4. Dasha is very beautiful. She is three-coloured – grey, white, light brown.She likes to play with me , to run, jump and sleep. She is very active. I love my Cat. Have you got any pets? Good Bye !!!


  1. I have one awesome dog a dalmation her name is dotty. But your cat seems so fun. I love my dog she is so fun just like your cat

  2. your cat is so cute! i have a small Italian bichon named aspen

  3. That is a very pretty cat. What type is she? I have two dogs and a hamster.

  4. Hello, my name is Bianca,
    Your cat is really cute.
    I have got 1 cat her name is called Cindy. She is grey. I also have a fish. It is a gold fish and its name is Goldie.
    Cindy is turning 5 (in human years)in April. How old is your cat?
    From Bianca, room 5, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  5. HI I have a gerbil but not a dog or cat! my mom is allergic): I'm more of a dogs person but your cat seems very cute!!