Thursday, 19 May 2011

I love music

I love music. My favourite singers are Adam Lambert, Laffe, Kasha and Aleksey Vorobyov.
I want to tell you about Aleksey Vorobyov. Aleksey is twenty three. But he isn’t singer only.
Aleksey is an actor. In 2009 he played in the movies “Phobos - a club of fears”. I love this film. I love Aleksey’s songs. My favourite song is “Summer”. This year Aleksey went to the Eurovision with song “Get you”. And what is your favourite singer?


  1. Hi. Here in Denmark we have some wonderful singers, we have a singer called Medina she is number one on a American music list with the song addiction. My favorite singer i Bruno Mars and my favorite song is grenade.
    From Anders,DK

  2. Hello over there. Like Anders said we have a singer called Medina there is very famous all over the world and i think she gonna be the best singer in Denmark. My favorite singer is nobody because I here new songs all time but if i shall pick one is it Pitbull. Lukas Kirkely DK

  3. Hi.Here in Denmark we have Medina like Anders and Lukas said but we also have a Boyband group called Nik & Jay they started in 2002 and have sold more than 400,000 copies. My favorite singer is Rihanna and Justin Biber.


  4. Hi im sorry but i dont no him.
    But i like also music.
    I realy dont now what my favorite music is but i like justin bieber if you now him.
    Do you no the group aqua it is a danish group they sing babie girl do you now them?

    - Pernille
    Im sorry if i have wroten it wrong.

  5. Hi!
    Myself only know about the singer Kasha. I don't have a favorite band but i have a favorite song. It is "Unbreakable - Fireflight" It is a awesome song! The song is a bit rock and a bit pop.

    Thanks for taking your time.

  6. Hello :)

    I also love Ke$ha and Adam Lambert!
    Well i don't know who
    Aleksey Vorobyov is.
    I have many favorite singers, but the best singer i like is Lady gaga. I listen to Pop and Rock mostly, cause it make me feel right :).

    By the way! Here is a song i like:

    Bye :)

    ~Egzon DK~

  7. Hallo
    I like a lot of music techno, trance, rock, pop
    if I´m sad I will not lisen to happy music
    I will lisen to rock or other
    techno and trance are good if you are happy
    here are some link

    Bye from Sejr Demark

  8. Hello there over! Thanks for the information about Aleksey Vorobyov. I had never hear about him.
    I will try and listen to some of his songs.
    My favorite singer is Bruno Mars I think so.
    I like also a singer whit name Burhan G.
    He has had many singles including two #1 hits, "Mest ondt" featuring Medina and "Tættere på himlen" featuring Nik & Jay.

    -Pernille DK

  9. Hi.
    Here in Denmark we have some wonderful singers,we also have a singer named Medina she went to the top with the song addiction in America.
    My favorite band is a friend in London with the song New Tomorrow it is good and my favorite singer is Rihanna with the song Only Girl In The World.
    Here is a link to the two songs.
    Number 1.
    Number 2.

    From Kamilla,Dk

  10. Hi I am from the USA. I love to listen to music on the radio but am a horrible singer!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I love the singers Christina Aguilara and Adele.

  12. I love the singer Justin Beiber. The singer you like sounds so cool!

  13. I love the singers Selena Gomez,Justin Bieber,Bruno Mars, and Katy Perry.=!!!!!!!! I also like Ke$ha!!!!!!

  14. That is really cool! I have never heard of them but I want to hear their music!!! I like to listen to music also! I like a bunch of singers!!
    St. Louis!!!!