Monday, 24 January 2011

Super holidays!

Hi everyone! I like winter holidays. I went for a walk with my friends Sasha and Masha. They are very nice and merry girls. With my friend Masha we went to the circus. We saw bears, leopards and acrobats. I had a good time on winter holidays. Do you like going to the circus?
Liza P.

New Year out of town!

I went to the my country on winter holidays. In the country I went to the skating rink . I like to skate very much!I also played snowballs. My friends and I built a snow house. My family celebrated New Year in the country .
I had many presents from Grandfather Frost . That was fantastic!!! Where did you celebrate New Year?

How I spent my winter holidays

Hello! I'm Masha. I had a good time on my school holidays.I went to skate to the Ice Palace with my friend. I like to skate very much. I think I can skate well. I went to ski to Solotcha. I went to the cinema with my Mom and friend. We watched cartoons “Rapunstel” and “Nutcracker”. My friend and I often walked on holidays. I read a new book, which I got as a present. It was very interesting! What about your holidays?

Winter fairytale

My New Year holidays were super! I went skiing in the nice forest. Also we (I, mother, father) went tobogganing. We have a lot of snow this year. We played snowballs and made snowmen. I had a New year present I had dreamed about. On the holidays we also went to the theatre. I very liked the performance. What were your winter holidays?

My winter holidays were hot! :)

Hi everybody! I'm Zhenya. I spent my winter holidays with my family in Egypt. Our guide told us a lot of intresting stories about the history of this friendly country. We visited the desert areas of the south of the country. There are a lot of ancient temples there. We climbed on the walls of old palaces and tombs.
The weather was hot, but we swam in the sea. Our hotel was not far from the sea. I could see blue sky and trees and wondeful flowers through the window. My family liked the holiday very much. Where did you go on you winter holidays?

New Year pastime

Hello from Arina! My brother and I went to the theatre. We watched the New Year performance there. It was called “The Magic Cow”. It was very funny and we laughed a lot. I liked the actors very much. I really enjoy going to the theatre!!! And you?

The way we spent our winter holidays...

My name is Sergey. On my winter holidays, I went to St. Petersburg with my grandfather Sergey. I saw the Summer and the Winter Palaces (where our tsars lived), the Hermitage and the Russian museum. I went to Pushkin (it’s a town not far from St. Petersburg named after the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin). I saw Alexander Pushkin`s school. Also I went to Petergof where I saw great fountains. In St. Petersburg, I lived in the center of the city near Kazan Cathedral. Kazan Cathedral is a one of the greatest churches of Russia. I was very happy.