Friday, 9 December 2011

New Year’s traditions in Russia.

My name is Olesya. I want to tell you about New Year’s traditions in Russia. The most popular holiday in Russia is New Year .People celebrate it on the 1st of January .There are a lot of traditions connected with New Year .Most families decorate their houses with New year tree, buy gifts for all members of the family and for their friends, and send lots of New Year’s cards .


Happy New Year!

Hi! I’m Andrey. In Russia we celebrate New Year at night from December, 31st to  January, 1st.
All people come to the Red Square in Moscow , meet New Year  and also skate on the skating rink. There are a lot of New Year trees in all the cities and towns.. All pupils have New Year
holidays. At New Year’s night all Russian make fireworks. When I get up on January, 1st I find presents under  my New Year tree.

New Year in Russia

My name is Ilya. In Russia we celebrate New Year on January 1st. We make fireworks and a have long walks. My mom cooks very tasty salads. When we come home we watch TV, play games have fun. When I wake up I find gifts under the  New Year tree.

How do you celebrate New Year?