Thursday, 19 May 2011

My summer holidays

I want to tell you about my summer holidays.
I will play football with my friends. In July I’ll go to
the summer camp. I hope to swim, to ride my bike, walk in the forest and sunbathe a lot in summer. And what are your summer plans?

The tradition of my family

My family has got some traditions. In spring we usually plant little trees in the forest. Last summer a lot of forest was fired out. Wild birds and many different animals lost their homes. We planted trees in Kriusha (a village not far from our town). There were a lot of people on that Saturday. Everybody was glad to revive the forest. The young trees were thin and little. We were busy with a very important work. I believe that we’ll enjoy the young green forest in some years.

I love music

I love music. My favourite singers are Adam Lambert, Laffe, Kasha and Aleksey Vorobyov.
I want to tell you about Aleksey Vorobyov. Aleksey is twenty three. But he isn’t singer only.
Aleksey is an actor. In 2009 he played in the movies “Phobos - a club of fears”. I love this film. I love Aleksey’s songs. My favourite song is “Summer”. This year Aleksey went to the Eurovision with song “Get you”. And what is your favourite singer?

My cat

Hello!!! My name Valentin Samokhin. I have Cat. My Cat’s name is Dasha. She is 4. Dasha is very beautiful. She is three-coloured – grey, white, light brown.She likes to play with me , to run, jump and sleep. She is very active. I love my Cat. Have you got any pets? Good Bye !!!