Friday, 9 December 2011

New Year’s traditions in Russia.

My name is Olesya. I want to tell you about New Year’s traditions in Russia. The most popular holiday in Russia is New Year .People celebrate it on the 1st of January .There are a lot of traditions connected with New Year .Most families decorate their houses with New year tree, buy gifts for all members of the family and for their friends, and send lots of New Year’s cards .


Happy New Year!

Hi! I’m Andrey. In Russia we celebrate New Year at night from December, 31st to  January, 1st.
All people come to the Red Square in Moscow , meet New Year  and also skate on the skating rink. There are a lot of New Year trees in all the cities and towns.. All pupils have New Year
holidays. At New Year’s night all Russian make fireworks. When I get up on January, 1st I find presents under  my New Year tree.

New Year in Russia

My name is Ilya. In Russia we celebrate New Year on January 1st. We make fireworks and a have long walks. My mom cooks very tasty salads. When we come home we watch TV, play games have fun. When I wake up I find gifts under the  New Year tree.

How do you celebrate New Year?

Friday, 14 October 2011

Meet our group!

Hello friends!

We study at school 72. We are in the 5th form. There are 16 pupils in our class (seven boys and nine girls). We are 11 years old. We are friendly and funny. We like to have fun and communicate. We like to learn English. We'd like to meet new friends!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

My summer holidays

I want to tell you about my summer holidays.
I will play football with my friends. In July I’ll go to
the summer camp. I hope to swim, to ride my bike, walk in the forest and sunbathe a lot in summer. And what are your summer plans?

The tradition of my family

My family has got some traditions. In spring we usually plant little trees in the forest. Last summer a lot of forest was fired out. Wild birds and many different animals lost their homes. We planted trees in Kriusha (a village not far from our town). There were a lot of people on that Saturday. Everybody was glad to revive the forest. The young trees were thin and little. We were busy with a very important work. I believe that we’ll enjoy the young green forest in some years.

I love music

I love music. My favourite singers are Adam Lambert, Laffe, Kasha and Aleksey Vorobyov.
I want to tell you about Aleksey Vorobyov. Aleksey is twenty three. But he isn’t singer only.
Aleksey is an actor. In 2009 he played in the movies “Phobos - a club of fears”. I love this film. I love Aleksey’s songs. My favourite song is “Summer”. This year Aleksey went to the Eurovision with song “Get you”. And what is your favourite singer?

My cat

Hello!!! My name Valentin Samokhin. I have Cat. My Cat’s name is Dasha. She is 4. Dasha is very beautiful. She is three-coloured – grey, white, light brown.She likes to play with me , to run, jump and sleep. She is very active. I love my Cat. Have you got any pets? Good Bye !!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

5 A: What I like to eat

I love the useful and not very useful food. I eat fried or boiled potatoes, rice, various salads and I love sushi. I do not eat caviar and pumpkin. And I like to drink everything except the cocoa. Dasha

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Best summer food!

Hi friends! My name is Marina. I usually spend my summer holidays in the village with my grandparents. I want to tell you about food which I like to eat in summer. It's okroshka (cold kvass soup with chopped vegetables and meat), baked potatoes and shashlik. We usually make shashlik outside and it's a special food for holidays. Have you got any special summer food?
Bye! ;)))

5 A: Favourite food

Hello everybody! I like fruit, meat, fish, vegetables and other food. My favorites fruit are apples, oranges, bananas, lemons and mangoes. I eat cabbage, tomatoes, salad, corn and carrots with great pleasure. I prefer fruit juice, lemonade, tea and hot chocolate. I don’t enjoy cheese, pasta, crisps, potatoes and sausages. And what's your favourite food?

Friday, 8 April 2011

5 A Our favourite food

My name is Sergey. Му favorite food is chicken, tuna, different soup, onion, apple, carrot, sweets, potatoes and ham. I don`t like salami, crisps, cereal, rice, cabbage and sardine. My favorite drinks are coffee, tea, milk, juice and water. I don`t like fizzy drinks and lemonade. I like to cook. I can cook potatoes, different soup, pizza, fried eggs.

5 A: Favourite food

Hi, I’m Masha. My favorite food is: chicken with spices, red fish, apple pie, ice-cream and all sweet things . My favorite drinks are: cherry juice and tea «earl grey». I don’t like salads and eggs. I don’t like tomato juice, too. I can cook apple pies, fish, fritters, pancakes.

5 A: Our favourite food

My name is Alex. I like to eat many things, but my favourite dish is pasta with chicken. I also eat beef, but I don’t like mutton. I like to drink fruit juice, but I dislike vegetable juice. I can cook many dishes, for example bacon with eggs, omelet, sandwiches, salads, pasta and potatoes. I even know how to cook borsch. I really enjoy cooking. I hope that soon my mother will teach me to cook even more dishes.

5 A: Our favourite food

Hello! My name is Valentin Samokhin. I am 12. My favorite food in pasta and pizza. I can cook omlette, pizza, pies, cakes, hamburgers, salad Cesar, macaronis, pasta, meat, and fish. I don’t like rice and broccoli. I like pizza, pasta, fast food, fizzy drinks – Sprite, Cola, Miranda, 7up, lemonade, sweets, salad Cesar, meat, fish, macaroni, tea, fruit juice, coffee, hot chocolate, crisps.

5 A: Our favourite food

Hi! I’m Egor. My favorite food are chicken and beef. I chicken and beef eat for supper. I can cook chicken. I don’t like fish but I can cook fish. It’s useful and I have to eat it.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

School Project

Hello friends!
My name is Egor. I am nine. I work on the project "Endangered Animals". I'll be happy if you help me do it. I've got two questions for you:
1. What endanered animals are there in your country?

2. What should people do to save these animals?

Looking forward to your replies!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Let's talk about weather!

Hello friends!

We'd like to compare weather in different parts of the world.


Monday, 24 January 2011

Super holidays!

Hi everyone! I like winter holidays. I went for a walk with my friends Sasha and Masha. They are very nice and merry girls. With my friend Masha we went to the circus. We saw bears, leopards and acrobats. I had a good time on winter holidays. Do you like going to the circus?
Liza P.

New Year out of town!

I went to the my country on winter holidays. In the country I went to the skating rink . I like to skate very much!I also played snowballs. My friends and I built a snow house. My family celebrated New Year in the country .
I had many presents from Grandfather Frost . That was fantastic!!! Where did you celebrate New Year?

How I spent my winter holidays

Hello! I'm Masha. I had a good time on my school holidays.I went to skate to the Ice Palace with my friend. I like to skate very much. I think I can skate well. I went to ski to Solotcha. I went to the cinema with my Mom and friend. We watched cartoons “Rapunstel” and “Nutcracker”. My friend and I often walked on holidays. I read a new book, which I got as a present. It was very interesting! What about your holidays?

Winter fairytale

My New Year holidays were super! I went skiing in the nice forest. Also we (I, mother, father) went tobogganing. We have a lot of snow this year. We played snowballs and made snowmen. I had a New year present I had dreamed about. On the holidays we also went to the theatre. I very liked the performance. What were your winter holidays?

My winter holidays were hot! :)

Hi everybody! I'm Zhenya. I spent my winter holidays with my family in Egypt. Our guide told us a lot of intresting stories about the history of this friendly country. We visited the desert areas of the south of the country. There are a lot of ancient temples there. We climbed on the walls of old palaces and tombs.
The weather was hot, but we swam in the sea. Our hotel was not far from the sea. I could see blue sky and trees and wondeful flowers through the window. My family liked the holiday very much. Where did you go on you winter holidays?

New Year pastime

Hello from Arina! My brother and I went to the theatre. We watched the New Year performance there. It was called “The Magic Cow”. It was very funny and we laughed a lot. I liked the actors very much. I really enjoy going to the theatre!!! And you?

The way we spent our winter holidays...

My name is Sergey. On my winter holidays, I went to St. Petersburg with my grandfather Sergey. I saw the Summer and the Winter Palaces (where our tsars lived), the Hermitage and the Russian museum. I went to Pushkin (it’s a town not far from St. Petersburg named after the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin). I saw Alexander Pushkin`s school. Also I went to Petergof where I saw great fountains. In St. Petersburg, I lived in the center of the city near Kazan Cathedral. Kazan Cathedral is a one of the greatest churches of Russia. I was very happy.