Monday, 24 January 2011

Super holidays!

Hi everyone! I like winter holidays. I went for a walk with my friends Sasha and Masha. They are very nice and merry girls. With my friend Masha we went to the circus. We saw bears, leopards and acrobats. I had a good time on winter holidays. Do you like going to the circus?
Liza P.


  1. i love going to the circus. i went with my freind Alexandra. She is soooo much fun.

  2. I do like circus but only tried it 1 time.
    I like persons who spit fire out of there mouths.
    It's looks very strange.

  3. I really love circus.. But only in the summer, i think it's the best season in the year (:

  4. lloyd i have never been to the circuis

  5. I think is different.
    Some circus can do it good, other do it boring.
    But else think I it is funny(;
    From Pernille R

  6. I love circuses there so fun to watch and so funny.
    you get to see different animals and tricks!!!!!!