Thursday, 24 January 2013

Christmas fun!

Hello! I am Yegor. In the end of December our English Club prepared the performance about Christmas in the UK. We introduced Christmas traditions and Christmas characters to the pupils from Primary school. It was very interesting. In this performance I was an elf. I had to calm down crazy Rudolph in this play.  My classmate Ilya was a very funny Rudolph. Do you like to take part in school performances?

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  1. Hi my name is Ryan and I do like to take part in performances. I liked to act out the nativity play at Christmas time and I was a shepherd. I liked traveling down the hill to Bethlemhem the best. I also liked being dressed like a shepherd from long ago.
    I like elves and we had an elf on the shelf in our classroom. His name was Ollie Windell. He was a good elf who watched us and reported to Santa to see if we were good at school!