Friday, 8 April 2011

5 A Our favourite food

My name is Sergey. Му favorite food is chicken, tuna, different soup, onion, apple, carrot, sweets, potatoes and ham. I don`t like salami, crisps, cereal, rice, cabbage and sardine. My favorite drinks are coffee, tea, milk, juice and water. I don`t like fizzy drinks and lemonade. I like to cook. I can cook potatoes, different soup, pizza, fried eggs.


  1. I like Pizza, Pancakes, Potatoes, Sushi, Fisch, Loin, Rise and Pasta.

    I dont like Broccoli and cabbage.

    I like to drink Water, Fizzy Drinks, Juice, Cocoa and Milk.

    I dont like to drink Coffe.

    From Søren Mathiasen

  2. I LOVE TUNA! especially on a sandwich!!!!!