Thursday, 10 March 2011

School Project

Hello friends!
My name is Egor. I am nine. I work on the project "Endangered Animals". I'll be happy if you help me do it. I've got two questions for you:
1. What endanered animals are there in your country?

2. What should people do to save these animals?

Looking forward to your replies!


  1. Hi Egor,

    We are from New Zealand, South Island just out of Christchurch. New Zealand has many endangered native animals, which are mainly birds and insects.

    The kiwi is our national bird, which cannot fly. Many our birds can't fly because there was no need.However, since European unkowEnly brought rats to New Zealand hundreds years ago . The rats started killing our
    native birds. There is a lot more predators than that.

    My favourite native bird is a kea but a kakapo( , world's biggest, parrot is cool .

    P.S like the blog, I've added to our blog list. Hope you can add our blog to yours.

    Mr Thurlow, Burnham School, Room 2, New Zealand

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  3. Hi here in Denmark we have a couple of endanered animals. We have frogs which are very inportant. And we also have foxes. We ain't have many fox'es left in Denmark any more.

    Thats a couple of our species animals in Denmark.

  4. Hi, we are from Denmark.
    Our endangered animal is the wild boar.
    What do you think about the wild boar?
    We think it is ugly

    From Louise, Nicklas JA And Anders.

  5. A correction:
    We have a lot of foxes in Denmark - too many at this point. From Stefan Nielsen, Vonsild, DK

  6. Kiwis are endangered in New Zealand. We will look after them, feed them, go and see them, give them water give them worms so they lay eggs. by Zoe and Ana

    I help look after the kiwi by donating money to the Kiwi recovery programme. Mrs Wiri